Angus MacGyver works as a troubleshooter for the Phoenix Foundation in Los Angeles and as an agent for a United States government agency, the Department of External Services. Educated as a scientist, MacGyer served as a Bomb Team Technician/EOD during the Vietnam War. Resourceful and possessed of an encyclopedic knowledge of the physical sciences, he solves complex problems with everyday materials he finds at hand, along with his ever-present duct tape and Swiss Army knife. He prefers non-violent resolutions and prefers not to handle a gun, but will if necessary.

First Air DateSeptember 29th, 1985
Last Air DateMay 21st, 1992
GenreAction & Adventure
ProducersJohn Rich, John Mantley, Henry Winkler
Number of Seasons7 Seasons
Number of Episodes139 Episodes
Plot Keywordshero, escape, espionage, spy, crime fighter, secret agent, vigilante, terrorism, one man army, science, problem solving, macgyver, good versus evil
Richard Dean Anderson
Richard Dean Anderson
Angus MacGyver
Dana Elcar
Dana Elcar
Pete Thornton
Bruce McGill
Bruce McGill
Jack Dalton
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