Power Rangers

A team of teenagers with attitude are recruited to save Angel Grove from the evil witch, Rita Repulsa, and later, Lord Zedd, Emperor of all he sees, and their horde of monsters.

TitlePower Rangers
First Air DateAugust 28th, 1993
Last Air DateApril 17th, 2021
GenresAction & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Family, Kids
NetworksABC, Nickelodeon, ABC Family, Toon Disney, Fox Kids
Production CompaniesSaban Entertainment, Saban Brands, MMPR Productions Inc., Renaissance-Atlantic Films, Allspark Pictures, Toei Company, Ranger Productions Inc., SCG Power Rangers, Power Rangers Productions, Entertainment One, Walt Disney Television
Co-ProducersBecca Barnes, Alwyn Dale
Executive ProducersSimon Bennett, Olivier Dumont, Brian Goldner, Haim Saban
Number of Seasons28 Seasons
Number of Episodes928 Episodes
Plot Keywordsmartial arts, superhero, tokusatsu, teenager, super power, superhero team, ethnic diversity, masked superhero, supervillain
Russell Curry
Russell Curry
Hunter Deno
Hunter Deno
Amelia Jones
Kai Moya
Kai Moya
Ollie Akana
Tessa Rao
Tessa Rao
Izzy Garcia
Chance Perez
Chance Perez
Javi Garcia
Josephine Davison
Josephine Davison
Solon (voice)
Jared Turner
Jared Turner
Void Knight (voice)
Torum Heng
Torum Heng
Mucus (voice)
Πάουερ Ρειντζερς
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
Power Rangers Zeo
Power Rangers Turbo
Power Rangers In Space
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Power Rangers Time Force
Power Rangers Wild Force
Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Power Rangers S.P.D.
Power Rangers Mystic Force
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Power Rangers RPM
Power Rangers Samurai
Power Rangers Super Samurai
Power Rangers Megaforce
Power Rangers Super Megaforce
Power Rangers Dino Charge
Power Rangers Dino Super Charge
Power Rangers Ninja Steel
Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel
Power Rangers Beast Morphers
Power Rangers Dino Fury